On beards, guitars and a distinct lack of panic

Name: Holtz&Heilig, anonymous musicians, polar opposites and not-idealists

Favourite ice cream flavour: pistachio and mango with chocolate

Favourite ice cream parlour: Zuckerschock in Kreuzberg’s Bergmann district
Holtz: I’m not sure if that really is my favourite ice cream store ... the ice cream is delicious in any case and I just get the feeling there that everyone puts their whole heart into it.
Heilig: I like that it’s so close to the cemetery – a really peaceful place in comparison to the rest of Kreuzberg.

Why we’re eating ice cream with them:
We have a connection with one of the two of them thanks to his main gig – but because they’re both anonymous musicians, we can’t say with whom and how exactly. We can say this though: he reads through the kinds of papers and texts for us that would just exasperate us.

What memories do you associate with your favourite ice cream?
Heilig: I inherited a penchant for pistachio from my mother and eating it just feels like home
Holtz: I inherited mango with chocolate from Heilig, so to speak – but it’s important that mango is on top and chocolate underneath. Heilig has a certain tendency towards eating good food...