And what will you do when you retire? Music, right?
Holtz: I wouldn’t know anything else.
Heilig: So, just like now but wearing suits.
Holtz: … maybe I’ll finally be able to grow a decent beard by then. 

Which book would you never give away?
Heilig: Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.
Holtz: Yeah, I think that one’s great. But my favourite is “The Social Construction of Reality” by Berger and Luckmann. It’s the one book I have read the most and it affected my view of the world. Yep, I see the world something like that. 

Which educational experience was really memorable for you?
Heilig: At the end of the 90’s I saw a recursive function by Colin Moock for the first time. It completely surprised me and I thought, “I have to study IT”. I figured out after four years that I only found the recursion so astonishing, but not the rest. So I stopped again just before graduating.
Holtz: I like educating myself, so I don’t have one singular experience that I could name here. I love books because they explain the world to me in a way that you can’t explain it yourself. I’m not an experiencer, I’d rather read a book and then I have my experience.