What do you do on a surprise day off?
Heilig: Buy food.
Holtz: Make music. Or buy guitars. Right now I have 13, including a bass guitar. You can always buy a guitar.

Do you have a maxim for life?
Heilig: No, I don’t.
Holtz: Can I give it in later?
raumHOCH: Of course! Not a problem!
Holtz: No, I didn’t mean it like that. “Can I give it in later?” is my maxim for life. 

How do you make the world a little bit better?
Heilig: I’m kind to the people around me.
Holtz: Good answer! Starting directly with yourself is always good. Heilig, help me out: What do I do?
Heilig: Nothing, I’d say.
Holtz: OK, I’m no idealist. That’s my problem. I always try to boil everything down and make it manageable. Hopefully, that helps the world just a little bit too.