No more hectic, rethink your approach

Dr. Shamim Rafat and Tell Münzing, founders and CEOs of Impact Solutions in Berlin. Among other things, the innovation and strategy advice implements innovation and transformation projects for companies and organizations by using the application of the design-thinking method.

Favourite ice palour:
Tell Münzing loves pistachio because it reminds him of his holidays in Italy. Shamin Rafat prefers stracciatella which reminds him of his childhood summer days at home in the Pfalz.

Favorite ice cream palour:
Tell Münzing loves the pistacchio ice cream at the shopping arcades of Potsdamer but admits that he is also eating ice cream at other places. Shamin Rafat, however, doesn’t mind standing in line in front of the Hokey Pokey ice cream patisserie in Prenzlauer Berg – and he even walks all the way from Berlin Mitte (where he lives now) to Prenzlauer Berg with his family.


Why we are eating ice cream with them:
Because we think that their working method „Design Thinking“ is exciting and – like them – find other disciplines, human beings and horizons inspiring. That’s one of the reasons we want to increase our collaboration with Shamin, Tell and their team and we are eating ice cream together in order to find new ideas.