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What do you like about Berlin?

Shamin: Berlin is my home even though I am not originally coming from here. Berlin has everything a modern metropolis is consisted of. A unique history, a fascinating culture and the European center of power, large, annoying construction sites. Furthermore Berlin is open to all kind of cultures, it’s creative, honest, family friendly and pretty sexy, too.

Tell: Berlin belongs to the history of my family, my Grandpa came here from Silesia in the 20s, and after 1945 Berlin also played a big part as a station for my family. After living in London for 14 years I decided to move to Berlin because it has an almost rural character. The city is like a harbor for me in contrast to the crowded, noisy and fast mega cities like New York, LA or London.


What did you want to become when you were young? And why this plan has been put on ice, literally speaking?

Shamim: As a child I absolutely wanted to become a mayor because I had always been fascinated how our mayor stood up for people and how he really made a difference in the city. Later I studied political science and graduated in that subject, but I have never considered a career in politics.

Tell: When I was a boy I wanted to be a judge and do something against the injustice in the world. Why it didn’t work out? I have no idea. But I can still improve the conditions in the world with my job. And I can ensure sustainability here and there. From this point of view my dream became true.