Impact Solutions_03 (copy)

Why would you make the same decision today?

Shamim: Well, 10 years ago I didn’t have an idea where I’d be now, of course. But I would do it all again. I really enjoy being self-determined, flexible and free. It opens a lot of nice possibilities of shaping the future.

Tell: What I do nowadays is a result of a learning journey. I became familiar with a lot of places, working fields, forms of organization and tasks and therefore appreciate very much that I can work like this today. The idea is to find solutions for problems of our customers and ultimately of our world. It makes me feel very satisfied to see where we go with our customers, how we take on and master challenges.


What would the perfect communication in space have to provide for Impact Solutions?

Tell: From my point of view it should be a space which equips people to something special. To leave the daily rush spontaneously in order to develop new perspectives, to substantially build things physically and to rethink our approach together with others. But it would be important to leave a certain degree of privacy. In a nutshell: A space which allows openness and yet still retreat.


If you had a wish apart from ice cream: Who could call you today and ask for an organization of an innovation process?

Shamim: I have a particular automobile manufacturer from South Germany in mind for a collaboration. Already as a child I loved cars and I have a certain emotional connection to this brand.

Tell: I don’t care that much about a particular company but about initiating innovation processes across sectors, for example setting out digitalization and sustainability at the same time. I want to do something really good beyond company processes.