E-World | Essen

raumHOCH implemented two projects simultaneously for innology and for E-World in Essen, the leading international trade fair for the energy industry, in collaboration with Jung von Matt/brand identity: firstly, the innology brand launch for the industry's most important event was conceptualised and designed with an exhibition space of 400m2, and secondly, the innologyBOX launched its European tour in Hall 7 in Essen.
The trade fair stand offered viewers a comprehensive presentation of businesses in the eMobility, Smart Home and digitalisation sectors. The brands interacted with visitors in colourful boxes using media-rich stagings, real products and personal consultations. The box-format stands succeeded in presenting a spatial translation of the "Chatbox" that defines innology's corporate design. Thanks to its open-plan stand architecture and an exciting mix of digital and physical installations, innology's stand became a popular meeting place at E-World.
Innology's successful Virtual Reality Experience could be experienced both at the trade fair stand on mobile devices and in a road show format at the innologyBOX in Hall 7. During its European tour, the box was only opened for innology employees, but for the first time at E-World, the public experienced it through the innovative VR application. Both VR stations were completely booked out for the entire duration of the trade fair.


Services trade fair booth: Concept, draft, consultation on implementation
Services VR Road show: Planning, programming, implementation
with: Jung von Matt/brand identity
Image rights: raumHOCH