Handelsblatt-Lounge | Berlin

For innology's appearance at the 24th Handelsblatt Conference for the Energy Sector, raumHOCH developed a very particular brand identity in collaboration with Jung von Matt / brand identity:

The cloakroom of the InterContinental Hotel Berlin was transformed into an innovative lounge for this economical and political industry event. In accordance with the central theme, "Fresh Thinking", visitors were surprised with an unusual spatial concept: chalk drawings on blackboards on the surrounding walls gave insights into the new brand identity. A seating landscape in natural wood, complemented by free-standing seating cubes, created an informal atmosphere that facilitated dialogue. The highlight of the lounge was the field with real grass, upon which three tubular steel props in an abstract tree structure supported several swings, used as a versatile switch between conference business and day-to-day interactions.
This deliberate juxtaposition - the conventions of a conference lounge served with a friendly wink - was the perfect reflection of creativity and dynamism as seen in the new brand.


Services: Concept, draft, consultation on implementation
with: Jung von Matt/brand identity
Image rights: raumHOCH