IFA | Berlin

raumHOCH took the translation of the new RWE brand innogy into the third dimension, collaborating with Jung von Matt/brand identity. In addition to the usual touch points like signage and POS, it was also necessary to put the IFA's first trade show appearance into the spotlight in 2016 in a brand-compatible way.

A new brand design for the key topic, innogy Smart Home, was presented on 110 square metres of space. As well as the innogy logo and the icons derived from it, the multi-colour principle turned heads on the day, as did the chat boxes that spoke to visitors directly, created in the same colour scheme.
The public stand design was characterised by its balanced relationship between product presentation and dialogue zones. The highlight was the three-dimensional house offering a highly visible presentation space for the Smart Home product world in the form of an oversized brand icon.

The product presentation took place in the cosy living room and kitchen area, offering plenty of space for retreat and discussion.


Services: concept, design, consultation on the implementation
with: Jung von Matt/brand identity
Image rights: raumHOCH