Road show | innogyBOX

How do you get employees excited about a new brand? How can you experience the new brand identity up close and personal? And how can you have a literal physical presence in this brand world?

Together with Sabine Schmittwilken, Head of Global Brand Management at innogy, Jung von Matt/brand identity created the brand innogy, the new RWE subsidiary in 2016, a brand that's tied closely together with the worlds of renewable energy, networks and distribution. raumHOCH designed a roadshow format for the brand together with the Hamburg brand agency, one that familiarised employees with the brand in innovative and playful ways and got them excited in the process. The innogyBOX was made out of two shipping containers, in which employees were taken on a virtual journey - taking them up a wind turbine measuring 100 metres high to get some insights and perspectives of the new brand world from up there. The experience in the box was a fitting representation of the new brand's colourful, cheerful and innovative character. In a rainbow virtual world, employees could get creative: for example, they were invited to paint or write their names with the controller in the room. There was a completely new type of experience outside of the box as well: a one-of-a-kind media architecture made it possible for raumHOCH to let onlookers take part in the otherwise purely immersive virtual reality experience. The LED exterior walls of the box offer a combined live image of the interior. In this mixed reality composition, people outside got to observe the innogy brand world, in which they themselves were virtually involved. This was made possible using invisible greenbox technology.
In addition to its virtual reality application, the innogyBOX is also used for brand workshops and events. The complex tour and participant management, the on-site management of application and the digital follow-up measures are managed using a specially programmed web app.

The innogyBOX premiered in August 2016 in Essen and has toured Europe since then, visiting innogy sites, trade shows and public spaces. The virtual reality application also takes place in parallel as a mobile standalone solution with six flight cases used for innogy sites and events.


Services: concept, design, implementation planning, production monitoring, programming, tour management
with: Jung von Matt/brand identity
Image rights: raumHOCH, Chris Schaal