Intelligent deployment

Always and everywhere


The same product – or company presentation is used over a longe period by many emplyees or distribution partners at different locations. For this process master versions of powerpoint, keynote etc. are created and designed for certain occasions, countries and costumer segments.
The local presentation has to be adapted to the customized demands (personal addressing, costumized content and prizing etc.) At the same time the contents have to be updated regularly by the corporate headquarters.
Over time the number of presentation versions is increasing exponentially. You lose track of who is presenting which version. It’s costly and nearly impossible to make sure that the versions are updated comprehensively.
This results in increasing individual infringements of the corporate design.



Client-server architecture

Master presentations are located on one server and are maintained centrally there. Once downloaded, they are available offline and editable on every device. As soon as you are online or connected to your network you can update your presentations on the server.


User rights management

Three types of users available: an “admin” can edit and deploy the master presentations. Based on the master presentation. “User A” can edit and upload individual presentations. “User B” can only present. Updates occour automatically on the server.


Optimized Media Management

cloudFOLIO will never download the same file twice, optimizing your bandwidth and disk space - especially important if you are running on a mobile or tablet device. This also makes synchronization fast - something that we all need.
Presentations as a website
You can transform your cloudFOLIO presentation into a fully functional website with jus one klick and make them password protected or freely accessible online.