Which memories do you associate with your favourite ice cream?
Immediately after my graduation ceremony – that was in 1995 – I went on a night bus from Nancy to Venice with five friends of mine. We wanted to experience something, reward ourselves, and we enjoyed the city. Every day, we went to a little gelateria close to San Michele and each had three scoops of melon ice cream every time.

What do you like about Grenzach-Wyhlen, the village you live in?
It’s a good place for both work and private life. I have some customers in Switzerland and the south of Germany. My wife works in the pharmaceutical industry in Basel. It’s so beautiful here on top of the Rührberg mountain. I can sleep with the windows open and only hear the forest. We didn’t care about the political community when we were looking for a place to live. The only thing that mattered was the little house and its location in a small village.

You are a Frenchman from Nancy, yet you work mainly in German-speaking areas. How come?
Once you’ve begun to work creatively in a certain language, it seems to stay like that. There are quite strong language barriers. In France, other people dominate the scene. There aren’t a lot of exceptions to that, although I have been working for customers from the French-speaking part of Switzerland that usually tend to turn towards Paris. In more technical fields of work it’s different. The main language is English anyway, so language barriers are much less relevant.