Mondays have a bad reputation when it comes to work. Why do you still enjoy to sit down at your desk on Mondays?
My work is my passion and my life. I do have a diploma in product design, but I have always been interested in spaces. During my first job in the industry in Germany – at an agency for spatial communication -, I sort of fell into the cauldron of magic potion. Spatial communication and scenography are fields of art that fascinate me. I feel like I was ‘made for them’.

What were the signs 40 years ago that you were just the right guy for your job?
Well, when I was three, I suppose it wasn’t that clear yet. But by the age of five or six I really began drawing a lot. The grown-ups also noticed that I was good at that. My godmother Michèle Kayser supported and helped me. She was a product and interior designer and was a professor at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Reims. Not a lot of women held that kind of position back then. She really inspired me and gave good advice to my parents as to what kind of jobs would be available in the creative industry for little Jean-Louis.

What are you going to do when you retire? Move to Venice to eat melon ice cream every day?
Wow, nobody ever asked me that! I need to think… I guess I would still give into my passion for creating things but maybe in a slightly different area. I love painting but the few hours in the weekends just aren’t enough.