When are you really excited about spatial communication?
It has to create images in people’s minds – that is the main thing about our job. I choose not to use the word ‘emotion’ because emotions are very personal. But images you can plan in a way. It’s not art in the classical sense but the process is artistic. We have different means to get there, mainly time and space. If you’re lucky people visit a place intentionally and are somehow curious. If they are not there by choice we have to attract their attention somehow. People always have expectations about the place or what’s going to happen there. Good spatial communication manages to fulfill or even exceed these expectations – yet still being surprising and confusing. We need to find the balance between fulfillment and confusion.

For which kind of project would you and raumHOCH be the perfect match?
You recently explained cloudFOLIO to me and I found it very interesting. But it’s difficult to explain via the internet or in a conversation. I’ll think out loud: It would be great to create a spatial installation, for instance in a special showroom setting in Berlin, and have cloudFOLIO running on several large screens. The visitors enter and are being filmed as they use and interact with cloudFOLIO. I think that film, short or a bit longer, could be a good way to show what cloudFOLIO can do.

What do you do on a surprise day off?
I’m going swimming! I love to go to a nearly empty swimming pool and do my lengths. Fortunately, as a freelancer I can plan my time freely and go swimming when other people can’t.

What do you do to make the world a little better?
Honestly, I often ask myself that question and it’s difficult to answer. I just try to do my job as good as I can because I believe in setting examples, even if that might sound a little over-the-top. I think we can only make the world a little bit better if we start with ourselves. But to be honest: I don’t always manage to look at myself with a completely clear conscience at all times. That’s work.