About metal concerts, door frames and AR projects

Name: Judith Roth, cultural scientist, part-time resident and project leader

Favorite ice cream: slightly frozen cream. And pure.

Favorite ice cream parlor: Oh, says Judith, it doesn't exist. But her children have some favorites in the Berlin Weserkiez - and she benefits from the remains of the little ones. She finds it best when the slightly frozen cream lies under the spaghetti ice cream, which she liked best as a child.

Why we eat ice cream with her: Judith is our valued sparring partner at the Berlin agency Fuenfwerken. We work with her for AR and VR projects, including for Clariant - for whom we were even allowed to travel to Shanghai together with Judith. For this time we stay on the ground of the Berlin facts and ice-creaming together in "Pizza a Pezzi" in Neukölln.