What memory do you associate with your favorite ice?
I have spent all my youth in an ice cream parlor in the countryside to supplement my pocket money. I shoveled kilos of Amarena Cherries. The huge, old, light blue cream machine has always given the perfect finish on the fat ice cream cups. If I liked a guest, there was also a portion of whipped cream on top (laughs!).

Where did you grow up? And what did you like about it?
In the countryside, near Hannover. We had a great, really committed youth clique there and went every weekend to metal concerts in the area, mostly in the white fiesta of Macho, one of the guys. Fully covered with stickers and crashing beer crate - and never sure if the tank is enough.

And what do you like about Berlin?
Somehow you have everything always available in the immediate vicinity, I can reach everything by bike. And there are many like-minded people here, be it cooperation partners for professional projects or private partners. There are many people with the same horizon here. Especially in the house where I live with my husband and children, I feel totally at home, this is a real village replacement, a sharp community. In total there are now 14 children living with their families. When we moved in, there was not a single child.