What did you want to become when you were a child? And why is the plan on hold?
Actress. But then I realized that I prefer the second series much better than the first, because I feel better there.

What do you do when you are retired?
I know it exactly! I sit in the country and plant wine on a hill. In fact, for some years now we have a plot of land in Brandenburg, on a terraced hill. Yes, I would like to plant wine there ...

Which educational experience do you remember?
Quite clearly, at Kathrin's first apartment - long-term companion and first stop, actually for everything. I was completely impressed with how you can rebuild, design and furnish such inspiring apartments in your early 20s. That was the perfect place for new thoughts.

Which book would you never give away?
Patrick Leigh Fermor's "Time of Gifts". The author describes how he wandered from Holland to Constantinople as an 18-year-old man. In the year of Hitler's seizure of power, he describes Germany and old Europe. I like the way he has observed architecture and the people, and reflects it.