What did you buy beautiful recently?
I'm sorry, no clothes, but something deeply non-prose: door frames and baseboards for our house in the country. A friend Zimmermann made us and I think they are very beautiful. We also built a clay oven to bake bread and pizza. The clay for this we have brought ourselves from a hollow in the forest.

Why do you like going to the office on Mondays?
I'm really lucky because I have great colleagues and a great boss. And the collaboration with the many external partners, I feel totally inspiring. Everything that has to do with communication in space, I do with passion. For me, the question always arises: how do people communicate in different spaces? How does space influence communication? And what else can we convey to visitors in the event of small attention spans on new knowledge or new insights, both analog and digital.

What are you doing to make the world a little better?
Unconditional love for my husband and my children.