IFA | Berlin

The concept for launching the brand JUKE (a music streaming service)of 24/7 Entertainment at the IFA in Berlin 2011 was the easy vivid access to music: Tons of earphones hung from the ceiling and animated the visitors to “touch and listen”. Surrounded by music all the time everywhere , this was the way how the visitors moved through this “music cloud” in a glossy black environment with parts of a big typographie in bright colors.
The music was streamed “live” to the earphones via different devices – smartphones, tablets, laptops, mp3 players.
The motto “ALL YOU NEED IS JUKE” underlined the minimalistic approach and created the connection to the music world of 13 millions songs at the same time.
Altogehter, it was a self-assured and authentic appearance.


Benefits: Joint Planning, Visualization, Implementation, Realization, Construction Supervision
For: Avantgarde Gesellschaft für Kommunikation mbH
Image rights: raumHOCH