How would the perfect trade fair stand for “The Dark Horse” look?
Patrick: When we’re showcasing or work we would usually always bring a work space with us. Because it’s always about explaining how we work and how work can function. So it would be perfect if we could manage to exhibit our way of working in a way that is suitable for a trade fair.

And for which project would The Dark Horse and raumHOCH be a real dream team?
Patrick: I reckon if it was about converting the working world of a business into a digital reality. But the problem is that everyone presents digitally now – but the work behind it has nothing at all to do with the digital world.

Do you have a role model or a maxim for life? 
Lisa: I can’t break it down into a slogan, but I just believe that you can shape many things in life if you just try. This insight lets me steel myself against a lot of things.

Patrick: I deliberately don’t have one, because I’m wary of things like that. There are certainly bands, artists or even architects who inspire me. Let’s take Le Corbusier as an example. The price for his incredible work was workers who had to drive taxis on the side for years because they didn’t earn anything working for him. You have to ask here if the end justifies the means. Honestly, I prefer to orient myself to people in my surroundings whose work or commitment I admire, and people that captivate me. That motivates me to inspire others with my work in the same way.

Lisa: That’s the great thing about The Dark Horse – we are a group of so many exciting people that spur others on and motivate. I think often: if he or she is able to get this or that thing done, then I too can get my project completed.

Patrick: That brings me to the name that we originally thought up for our project. We wanted to call ourselves “Why not?”, simply because we kept asking each other that very question before the foundation in 2009. “Actually, why not? What’s the worst that can happen?” Unfortunately, the name was already taken by an agency in the UK.