And what’s the answer to the question? What would be worst that can happen?
Patrick: We were all young, just finished with our studies and we had no large financial commitments. So the answer was: in the worst case scenario, we don’t have a company in a year’s time, and we would all apply for the kind of jobs that we would apply for even now.

What do you do on a surprise day off? 
Patrick: As little as possible. Watch Netflix and solve ZEIT puzzles.

Lisa: I sleep a lot in winter. In summer, I love riding my bike.

Patrick: You have to admit that such a day is really short, especially in winter. You really need to get up early if you want to do something.

Lisa: I’d love to be lazy for as long as possible… like the romance novelists describe it – they wait until the muse kisses them. So to be lazy for as long as it takes until there is no other option but to do something creative. 

What do you do to make the world a little bit better? 
Patrick: I want things to be good for people who work with me or for me. Both financially and with respect to the emotional appreciation that they demonstrate. 

People are often bewildered when I don’t haggle on a quote. Although the focus is on the outcome, everyone should also be enthusiastic about making the outcome a good one.

Lisa: A part of what we do every day at The Dark Horse is important to me: this constant identification with things, people and relationships. I find that incredibly important and would love to pass it on – because ultimately, it’s just a skill that you can train, even in your private surroundings.