Everyone Should Want a Good Outcome

Lisa Zoth, Dramatic Advisor and Political Scientist, and Patrick Kenzler, Architect, Interior Designer and Bass Guitarist. Both Lisa and Patrick belong to the group of 30 founders that make up the Berlin innovation agency “The Dark Horse”.

Favourite ice cream flavour:
After years of being unconditionally loyal to vanilla, Lisa has just discovered “salted almond”. Patrick, on the other hand, remains faithful to Smurf ice cream.

Why we’re eating ice cream with them:
We’ve known “the Dark Horse” since 2015 and we have already initiated several projects together – Design Thinking workshops on redesigning offices and other work environments, among others. What we really appreciate about Lisa, Patrick and their 28 colleagues is their competence in design thinking – and their perseverance when challenged by objects, contexts and processes.

Which memory do you associate with your favourite ice cream?
Lisa: My love for salted almond ice cream is still quite new – I tried it for the first time in March 2015 on a holiday in Sorrento on the Amalfi Coast. And the flavour just reminds me of that holiday.

Patrick: Smurf ice cream simply because it was the most colourful flavour there was. Everything else was somehow just a shade of brown. I always wanted to be able to taste this particular colour.