Thinking the real and the digital together

Lukas F. Hartmann, programmer and communication researcher. He’s just developed an online whiteboard. It allows to arrange data packages spatially distributed instead of arranging them in uncreative file system trees.  

Favourite ice cream
Raspberry and lemon.
And why: In fact this has aesthetical reasons. Until a while ago Lukas' hair was blue. With these two flavours in his hand, he felt like being the RGB color spectrum. So please note: His answer to our question stands for his fascination for the complex thinking across all boundaries.

Favourite ice cream palour
“Eis*Bar” at the Kastanienallee in Berlin

Why we are eating ice cream with him:
Because he is a digital lateral thinker and not just a computer specialist. With that attitude, he thinks the work of raumHOCH in digital as well as “undigital” lines. And yet it always deals with computers.