Lukas Hartmann_02-1

What do you like about Berlin?

I grew up in the north of Germany, at the Weser estuary, and moved to Berlin more than ten years ago. The city just means diversity to me. When visiting the place I come from it feels like a ghost town. Only New York would me more vivid than Berlin. At both places there’s always something going on 24/7. And I Iike that.


What did you want to become when you were a child, and why this plan was put on ice to stick to the subject?

Bank manager! When I was in a bank for the first time I saw all the notes and thought: It must be fantastic to hold so much money in your hand and manage it. I like the haptic feeling and therefore I’m one of the few who still have a mobile phone with a key pad. When I was six or seven years old someone gave me a used computer and I wasn’t interested in a career as a bank manager any longer. I discovered very quickly the potential of these machines and how much they influence the world. But I only studied informatics for two months because I didn’t like the culture of the course. I felt much more comfortable at the UdK (University Of Arts), there’s a more open spirit. And by reading the relevant books you can teach yourself programming