Lukas Hartmann_03

What are your dreams? What do you want to achieve?

I’d like to design a new home computer with a small and very simple programming environment. This computer could be used “neutrally” and the software manufacturers couldn’t dictate as much. It’s almost impossible to modify things on current commercial operating systems and their software, on the iPad, for example, nothing can be changed. That’s why I welcome– apart from Linux - the open hardware movement and the culture around developer boards like BeagleBoard or Raspberry Pi even though they are still not completely open or documented. But to me the cheap small computers are a step towards self-determination. I want computers and their software to be fully documented and modifiable by everyone.


What should the perfect communication in space for your new tool spacedeck look like?

I think it would be cool to build a 3D version of it just to show the idea of space – assumed that I’d have the budget (he laughs). A booth stand should make clear at first sight: We provide the virtual space for all fragments belonging to your project. The walls could be displays, a combination of something real and digital.


You and raumHOCH – a dream team for sure. What tasks would you like to rock with us?

To be honest, I have always been most impressed of the architecture department, how precisely you develop things – including the logistics planning. But I would find it interesting to further integrate technology into objects. For example, to control objects digitally and not only install displays in furniture.