Lukas Hartmann_04

No one will ever buy that you said that about the fascination for our architecture and that wasn't just me who wrote that. But anyway, let's go on with nice things: If you could make a wish –who would you like to give you a call for suggesting you a collaboration?

Oculus or Valve who eventually push Virtual Reality. Or Pebble, a manufacturer of smart watches that are not as pretentious as Apple but more self-made. I like this attitude. Otherwise, to all the industrial designers out there: Please call me anytime! Your knowledge about the design and the production of mechanical cases would help me.


Tell me about your contribution to make the world a little better ...

I develop open source software and organize source readings with some friends. This is how we want to encourage people to look at the source code of their software. The next one will take place at the re:publica 2015.