You live in Berlin but grew up elsewhere, right?
Originally, I am from Swabia - but I have a bit of an ambivalent relationship to that region. The people there have a lot of good sides to them, like their almost innate entrepreneurship. But it also felt good to leave. I just wanted to go to a big city. I couldn’t really make my mind up between Vienna and Berlin. Vienna didn’t work out for several reasons, so I went to Berlin. But the thing with the Swabians, especially in Prenzlauer Berg, is another topic…

Well, I’ve already been here before the fall of the Berlin Wall, since 1987. Maybe that gives me a sort of absolution. West-Berlin was a kind of an island back then and that made life very exciting. It’s still very exciting here today, but for a different reason: The city always changes. But I do have to admit that jobwise there are certainly better places, not least in the south-west. A number of medium-sized businesses are based there and are part of my customer base. For them, visiting me in Berlin is tempting: Getting out of their usual surrounding, into the big city. 

But don’t mix business with pleasure. In a nutshell: Why do still enjoy going to the office on Mondays?
I meet new people every Monday. That’s great, isn’t it? Also - and I’m saying that even though I’m not a workaholic - there are not always two days off before my Mondays. So I don’t have as many Mondays in that sense as other people do.