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I see: You and raumHOCH would be a perfect team for translating Luhmann’s theory into the third dimension. What do you think Luhmann would say about raumHOCH? 
I think: „I have to take a closer look at that first.”

What do you do on a surprise day off?
I go for ice cream. And afterwards I do stuff at the office. Or actually I might do something else. One of those things women do at my age: Yoga.

What do you do to make the world a little better?
(Marion is laughing) I harass the world with the complexity of the systems theory. Because I actually believe that the world can become a little better if we take away people’s certainty that they always know what’s right and wrong.

Usually our interviews end here, but now I have to dig deeper. So basically, you pull the rug out from under people and claim that that makes the world a better place?
Of course that means – at first – an enormous insecurity. But if you are prepared to get into that experience and the debate, you will be able to broaden your mind. You need to understand that there is not just one truth and that there can be many solutions to a problem. It’s about living with the fact that decisions with a positive effect can also have negative consequences. Managing things means reducing complexity in order to make decisions. But sometimes it gets too reduced. In that case, my job is to add complexity again. The result of that work can make the world a little better.