What did you want to be when you were a child and why - to stay with the subject – did you put it on ice?
I have very few memories of that time. But when I look back, I wish I had become an astrophysicist - but more in the sense of: If I could reconsider and choose again today, then that would be it. I did have an interest in maths and science, but I guess the reason that I never followed through with it was that at that time I was lacking role models – female scientists in my surroundings. 

What will you do when you retire? 
I will write the books that already exist in my mind. My colleagues fondly call me a mix between a smarty-pants and walking encyclopedia. With writing, I could openly live that out and publish books that would attempt the balancing act between philosophy and systems theory and implementation. I actually have a soft spot for Luhmann’s point of view.

Oh, I should actually be familiar with that. I was part of my studies at university but I forgot most of it. For people like me: How could Luhmann’s systems theorie be communicated spatially?
I often explain that using the ball of wool-game. People sit in a circle during a debate. The person who starts talking gets the ball of wool. Holding the end of the tread, he gives the ball to the next person who has something to say and so on. Everyone is holding the thread tightly. The web you see at the end of the debate is the system; the people holding the wool are just the means of communication.