MaschmeyerRürup AG

Labelling at the offices | Frankfurt a.M.

At the offices of the new combined MaschmeyerRürup AG the new RI policies and the graphic guidelines were made perceptible. raumHOCH was responsible for the continious implementation of the new logo of the MaschmeyerRürup Independent International Consultancy in Frankfurt – from the outdoor signs the control system up to the entrance door and the brand wall. raumHOCH also designed a visual cover for the individual offices.
A special construction of a “glass sandwich package” with an oversized slide was created for the brand wall. According to the costumer’s wish, the wall was constructed as a frameless reflective wall. The reflective surface underlines the spatial effect and the construction corresponds with the requirements to the equally backlit violet color surface with bright silver and white word-picture-brand.

Benefits: Draft, Implementation Planning
For: Jung von Matt/brand identity
Image rights: raumHOCH