Moviebrowser at the Future Forum of the ServiceGipfel

Exhibits and live demonstrations illustrated the innovations of the Daimler AG in various areas of the automobile future at the forum “Future of the ServiceGipfel 2012”.
From screens, suspended from the ceiling, the visitor could get a quick overview about all subjects. Movies about all subjects could be retrieved on provided iPads.
With the software framework cloudFOLIO raumHOCH created a movie browser that picked up the key visual of the event with an animated user interface and inspired the visitors to navigate through various subjects. Thanks to the cloudFOLIO features Responsive Design and Screensaver it was possible the generate the media installation of the suspended screens directly from the application.


Services: Conception, Screen design, Programming
for: Milla & Partner (Advice | Creative Direction | Project Management)
Image rights: raumHOCH