Summer Party | Wörlitz

A two Day event was realized at the Unesco World Heritage “Gartenreich Dessau-Wörlitz” for the staff of McKinsey&Company. The event began on Friday night with a “get together” on Schoch’s meadow. In the evening the castle opened its doors for the visitors.
A 70 m long pontoon bridge from the castle to the opposite bank– specially designed by the castle – created the direct connection to Schoch’s meadow. All the sights of the nearby gardens and the castle itself were illuminated. At night, the visitors could relax with pleasant live music and a midnight snack.
On the next day Schoch’s meadow marked the end of the “grand tour”. As part of the mystery tour, the participants visited several stations in the morning in order to solve parts of a puzzle. At the tour final the solution to the puzzle was announced via a big letter board. Afterwards the staff members celebrated the final event of the evening in Ferropolis.

Benefits: Tendering, Construction Management, Coordination, Realization
For: Holm Keller
Image rights: McKinsey & Company, raumHOCH