Automechanika 2010 | Frankfurt a.M.

According to the theme of the Automechanica , a ”garage” concept was developed for the appearece of Mercedes Benz Real lattice boxes, extending the whole area of the booth, formed an authentic spatial horizon. The highlight of the exhibition appearance was the presentation of hydraulic ramps opposite to the horizon. Vehicles of four generations were presented on four hydraulic ramps – which illustrated the partial supply of Mercedes Benz over the complete “life” from a new vehicle to an vintage cars, from young stars to new cars.
The presentation tables, in the style of classic work benches, were equipped with traditional drawer cabinets and blocks. Real working pieces made the quality of the products and services of Mercedes Benz tangible. The custumer-orientated concept was enthusiastically received.
The appearance won the iF award 2011 and the bronze ADAM.

Benefits: Concept, Draft, Implementation Planning, Tendering, Construction Management
For: Milla & Partner (Consulting| Creative Direction | Project Management)
Image rights: raumHOCH