The Berlin-Kreuzberg Bakdash-Connection

Name: Erkan Karakoc, Istanbul connoisseur, managing director of raumHOCH and escaped Swabian and Mudar Obaid Dabbous, architect, Syrian and cat owner

favorite ice cream flavour: salted caramel and Bakdash

Favourite ice-cream parlour:
Erkan: Die Eisfabrik Alan in Charlottenburg. Der Inhaber ist Kurde und kommt aus dem Nordirak.
Mudar: Here in Berlin, I like Marille und Vanille, they’re just under our office and that’s a great address – when they’re open in summer.

Why we’re eating ice cream with them:
because we finally want to tell the world all about them. Because the two of them – as different as their stories might sound – are living proof that the “integration challenge” that’s rumoured to be so enormous can also be an absolute success. Even if it’s not always easy. But we don’t need to make it more complicated than it is.