Which educational experience really made an impression on you?

Mudar: I can’t stop thinking about the situation at university in 2011. It was the beginning of the Syrian Revolution and there were so many discussions between the students, because everyone had a different political position. At the time, I made the effort to position myself as an intermediary who understood every viewpoint and learnt from the opinions of others. I wanted to be able to understand both sides – this experience really made an impression on me for the future and helped me to understand the role I wanted to play in society.
Erkan: Growing up, I was convinced that as a Turk, I would have to do more than others around me to be respected and accepted into a group. Just using soccer as an example: I had to run faster and jump higher than the others to get a header shot. That was my image of myself. And then something special happened: a trainer, he was a lot younger than the trainers I’d had before, changed my view. He taught me how to use my head to play soccer, to play smart rather than just using my body. You just have to change the perspective and look at situations differently. That was new back then, today it’s standard in any district league team. But in my team at the time, most of the boys didn’t get it.