Which memories do you associate with your favourite ice cream?
Erkan: I moved to Germany as an 11-year old in 1977. I’d already spent my summer holidays here a year earlier to visit my parents, during the year I lived with my great aunt in Istanbul. I didn’t know about the all-in-one sweet and salty flavour combination that you find in salted caramel – I’d never had it in Turkey – and I thought it was unbelievable. As I began to eat it, it really surprised me how tasty it is.
Mudar: I should perhaps explain what Bakdash is. It’s a more solid ice cream that’s sold in a roll in Syria – and you order it in centimetres. You can get it with or without pistachios…

Erkan: I know it too, they’ve got it in southeast Turkey, and when the weather is hot, it doesn’t melt so quickly. And the guys that serve it there often make a really big show out of it – they heap a big pile of it onto the cone and you’re supposed to pull it off.
Mudar: But that doesn’t happen in Syria. When I think of this ice-cream, I think of times before 2011 in Syria, moments with my family, so with my twin brother and my parents. There were evenings when we had guests and then once all the visitors had left the house, we sat there as a family again and ate the leftover ice-cream. There was always such a special atmosphere.