Domotex | Hannover

NORDPFEIL, a subsidiary of Vorwerk Carpets, commissioned raumHOCH to draft the trade fair presentation for Domotex 2016. Using the motto "The Next Level", NORDPFEIL presented its current collection in the stand in black, the brand's primary colour scheme, using two long tables. To highlight the new hotel collection, STAY, in a brand-compatible way, a plan for a hanging "carpet lamp" for the product table was drawn, lined on the inside with samples from the new collection. The key visual of the current image campaign was the large graphic, complemented with variations arranged in a Petersburger hanging. Visitors learned about the collection and the new partner area using a large touchscreen as well as several iPads on the collection table and in the interview niche.


Services: Draft, execution planning, tender, construction management
Trade show construction: Gielissen GmbH
Image rights: Stefan Röhler, raumHOCH