What memories do you associate with your favourite ice-cream flavour?
Sabine: This is a relatively new love affair. Although I love milk-based ice-cream, I often find chocolate too sweet and heavy – but this dark chocolate sorbet manages to be sinfully creamy, even without milk.
Janina: For me, I think it goes right back to my childhood. At the time, I almost always, without exception, would eat lemon ice-cream. Sometimes blood orange would get a look in too.

Where did you grow up? What did you like about that place, and what didn’t you like? 
Sabine: I grew up in Bonn, then moved to Darmstadt for a couple of years. Both aren’t really big cities, and even if I wouldn’t like to go back there, I can see what they have to offer now with the benefit of hindsight. In principle, it’s not really the place, but rather the people and the experiences that stay with you and that influence whether or not you have good feelings about those places.
Janina: I spent my childhood and youth in Böblingen and Holzgerlingen – medium-sized cities near Stuttgart. I haven’t moved very far geographically speaking, but there’s a world of difference between Stuttgart and the cities I grew up in! I really like that in Stuttgart I can reach everything by foot and be right in the middle of things, instead of having to drive from village to village to experience something exciting!