What do you enjoy about Stuttgart?
Sabine: I moved to Stuttgart for my studies in architecture and I stayed. In the meantime, friends and family are also here – and now PLOT too of course. Apart from that, you can walk everywhere, and there’s only one degree of separation a lot of the time when meeting new people (which can have its drawbacks too).
Janina: I can only agree. Sabine and I have similar opinions on many things.

What did you want to do when you grew up – and what changed?
Sabine: Oh, so much – every week I wanted to do something new! From that point of view, there was no fixed plan that had to change.
Janina: When I was 15 I wanted to be an Interior Designer; to be able to make the world a bit more beautiful. That evolved into a drafting course, then to studies in architecture, then to voluntary work, and now to PLOT. My old plan didn’t come quite to fruition, but it’s not bad, since things are even better than I could have planned.

How do you define successful spatial communication?
When you manage to tell an exciting story and captivate your audience.