PwC Showroom

Augmented Reality Tour | Experience Center Frankfurt a.M.

Thanks to raumHOCH and state-of-the-art technology, the PwC Experience Center Frankfurt Main has grown by one further dimension. Visitors on the 34th floor of Tower 185 can now independently and interactively explore the projects, employees and philosophy of PwC Innovators.

Equipped with iPad and headphone, the visitor is greeted by a virtual welcome committee, which rises impressively from the ground. Afterwards, the English-speaking and German-speaking digital assistant takes over and provides the visitor with additional information - always depending on where in the room he is currently located.
A guide on iPad as well as 3D labels in the room provide additional orientation.

Highlights of the tour are:

If necessary, the tour can be expanded and adapted in the future, necessary accessories are only the markers placed in the room, the iPad equipped with the app and optionally a Bluetooth headset.

Services: Conception, design, programming 
Image rights: raumHOCH