PwC Showroom

Augmented Reality Tour | Experience Center Frankfurt a.M.

The PwC Experience Center is located on the 34th floor of the Frankfurt Tower 185 as a mix of workspace, lab and showroom where multidisciplinary teams are working to create the digital solutions of tomorrow. PwC was looking for a partner to bring this unusual place to customers and visitors in an innovative and digital way.

raumHOCH developed an augmented reality app that allows visitors to interactively explore the Experience Center. On the entire floor with 800 square meters, 46 hotspots provide informative and sometimes surprising insights into the work of the teams, whereby the real space is always digitally expanded. Once the ARKit-based app has been calibrated in seconds using specially developed markers, two PwC executives will appear in front of the visitors via a virtual elevator to greet them. In the further course, a guiding path leads the visitor from one hotspot to another, whereby a computer-generated voice explains the respective rooms and highlights in English or German: a real support in the room becomes an interactive pillar, a St. Petersburg hanging with employee portraits will be given to life and in several places serendipity can be lived with virtual post-its. The tour can be undertaken alone or in dialogue with PwC staff.

Services: Conception, design, programming 
Image rights: raumHOCH