E-Mobility WonderApp | Multifunctional Presentation App

By the order of the RWE Effizienz AG raumHOCH developed the E-Mobility Multitouch: an interactive media application which gives all necessary information about charging electric vehicles.
The exhibition-setup was a realistic representation of the charging procedure. RWE product solutions – from the charging box at home to the public smart charging station – could be integrated scalably.
The app, installed on a 70 inch touch screen, can be presented by a moderator or explored by the user.
As soon as the user connects the power cable of the vehicle with the charging station the application starts: The user receives information about the charging progress, the next steps and learns about several processes work in the background like charging and invoicing.


Servics: Concept, Draft, Planning, Visualization, Software Programming, Media Production
Image rights: raumHOCH