E-world 2011 | Essen

Based on the Jung von Matt’s communication concept „Fit for business 2.0“ raumHOCH designed the booth architecture. According to the requirements “consistent appearance” and “cost minimization” elements of the RWE-booth systems, developed by raumHOCH, were mainly used.
The presentation- and discussion area was detached from the through traffic. As a result, the costumer was addressed „at eye level” and dialogue oriented scenarios were created. A“Bauriegel” with closed meeting rooms was formed as well as an open lounge with bookable talbes and a presentation surface where the subjects of the RWE media application were communicated mobile on iPads. Furthermore exhibits were added such as the Smart Grids multitouch table and a presentation for E-Mobility with a car, charging stations and a touch application which was designed by raumHOCH in advance.
A 20 m long light wall created the horizon of various booth areas.


Benefits: Draft, Implementation Planning, Construction Management Visualization, Media Production
Image rights: RWE, raumHOCH