Editorial system for the media application of RWE

RWE is participating in about 200 exhibitions each year. In consideration of the design tasks by Jung von Matt/brand identity raumHOCH created the media application for the uniform presentation of topics and contents.
With an online editorial system, developed by raumHOCH, the application can be adapted to each appearance. RWE-responsibilities can request an overview of all medially displayed exhibitions and the current status of the application online. The preview is more or less identical with the visible result on-site. raumHOCH can administrate the configuration, texts, contents, logos and meda online. As soon as the configuration is approved online an installation file will be generated. It will be sent to the exhibition service provider per postal mail and installed on the exhibition computers by remote maintenance. The work allows a fast, reliable and very cost-effective release of updates. Changes are possible via remote maintenance even during the exhibition.


Servicess: Concept, Software Programming
Image rights: RWE, raumHOCH