EnergyStore Friedrichstraße | Berlin

The EnergyStore symbolizes RWE’s open approach to its costumers. raumHOCH reduced the transparent front to a minimum. As a result, the showroom and costumer’s area presented itself as a showcase. The equipment and furniture were developed from the CI. The pieces of furniture were based on the RWE exhibition system which was especially developed by raumHOCH. RWE’s brand color of specially developed HPL-laminates on panels and glass is also being used here. The walls are consisted of disposable panels and backlit glass. The showroom presents Ingo’s garage with a power charging station and a display of three sided prismatic signs. The concept is expected to be continued at further locations and to be replace the RWE costumer centers.

Benefits: Cooperation on Concept, Implementation Planning and design of furniture, Artistic Supervision
For: Jung von Matt /brand identity
Image rights: raumHOCH