Fair System

raumHOCH developed an exhibition construction kit based on the new CI/CD of RWE. It can be combined to stand sizes of 10 – 200 square meters and was used at about 700 exhibitions from 2010 until 2013.
Brand shaping elements of the systems are blue glass, the wall covering with two blue sequences and a CI conforming horizontal line with a specially developed HPL laminated color palette.
A floodlight and extending spotlights were developed as a stand lightning which can be used at any place. For the consultation desks a CI conform presentation environment was created which embeds the contents in a uniform look across all exhibitions. The customer can access the individually adaptable applications in advance via an online editorial system. They can be updated via remote maintenance.
According to demand, graphic, light areas, prospect holders, screens or exhibits can be included into the stand system. Due to the high-quality performance and the multiple use of the modules a high cost effectiveness was achieved.

Benefits: Draft, Planning, Tendering, Construction Supervision, Visualisation, Media Production
For: Jung von Matt/brand identity
Image rights: RWE, raumHOCH