Smart Grids Multitouch Table for Rheinland Westfalen Netz AG

By the order of the communication- and marketing department of RWE Rheinland Westfalen Netz AG raumHOCH developed the Smart Grids-Tisch (smart grids table), an interactive exhibit which illustrates the necessity and use of smart Grids playfully and consisely with innovative technology.
On a table with a multitouch capable LDC screen the user can place real game pieces and choose various game scenarios where he explores the theme of the Smart Grids – intelligent power network management – playfully and interactively. Via the game piece the user intervenes in the network and changes the parameters of a situation. – like building wind power stations which change the electricity supply of a village. Such changes are recognized immediately in the network and need to be corrected by the user. A sweet little cow named “Watti” provides help and tips anytime. With these features the user receives detailed information about the themes.

Benefits: Concept, Draft, Planning, Visualization, Software Programming, Media Production
Image rights: RWE, raumHOCH