RWE SmartHome

Multifunctional Presentation App | For Windows, OS und iOS

RWE SmartHome is a user-friendly home automation for any household. In order to present the function and use on exhibitions and distribution, raumHOCH designed an all-round presentation solution: sympathetic identification figures represent a specific user dimension of the home automation and guide you through the presentation. In several user stories raumHOCH illustrates the dialogue between users and systems on the one hand and between components within the system on the other hand to demonstrate benefits, intelligence and the user friendliness of RWE SmartHome.
The app, programmed with cloudFOLIO, runs independently of the output format on PC, Mac and iOS devices. All the existing media such as movies, PDF files or web pages can be integrated and be navigated within the application. Updates and special adjustments of the presentation can be handled by RWE itself and distributed to the relevant users via the cloud based deployment.
Furthermore, each presentation can be sent password-protected and used on all common browsers. A white label solution allows a simple adaptation to the corporate design of RWE SmartHome partners. The remote control of any number of devices is also possible as well as the split screen presentation or the interaction with hardware components.

Services: Conception, Screen Design, Programming
Image rights: raumHOCH