Voting System at E-world | For Windows, OS and iOS

Visitors of the RWE could evaluate predetermined opinions on 16 questions from the energy industry. The opinions were created via a scalable browser application on various devices (hd screen, touch screen, iPad and iPhone). Voting results in real-time documented he current trends and were a good basis for a discussion.
In it was possible to enter comments which were and were shown directly afterwards on all connected displays. A web-socket-connection synchronized all devices involved. The server based backend with a data bank was running… without administrative interventions.
The application was running application-independent on various devices or displays, for instance for a moderated, striking presentation of the opinions on interaction modules with a 24’’ touch display and a 80’’ screen, for a direct and personal address of the visitors on iPads or iPhones, for an independent and easy interaction on 40’’ touch displays along a “get fit” way, for voting on 40 ‘’ terminals.


Services: Conception, Draft, Planning, Visualization
Software Programming, Media Production
Image rights: RWE, raumHOCH