Mobile PIN pop-up Store

On the occasion of launching Samsung’s new flagship Galaxy S III raumHOCH and the Berlin based hartmanvonsiebenthal corporate architecture created the constructive basis for a mobile pop-up store. In the temporary store the brand Samsung and the distribution of it’s products of the mobile sector were widely presented. The compact, innovative pop up pavilion is flexible and expandable, transformation capable and can easily be fitted and removed. Furthermore it adjusts to form and size of the circumstances of the locations.
The constructive and innovative mechanism provides clever technical solutions: an outer cover with mirroring double glazing hiding the steel frame construction to greatest possible extend. It provides various visual impressions day and night. Inside there are multifunctional ceilings and floors for light, acoustics, climate and the fixation of the furniture.
With the “pull out principle” the compact box becomes the entrance as a part of the façade and the rectangular furniture transforms into a presentation landscape for the mobile portfolio of Samsung
The glass pop-up stores were positioned worldwide by Samsung on the opening of the Olympics in London 2012.

Benefits: Cooperation on Draft, Implementation Planning
With: hartmannvonsiebenthal, Berlin
Image rights: hartmannvonsiebenthal, Berlin