Hanover Fair | Digital Twin

AAt the Hannover Messe 2019 the topic of the Future of Work was once again in focus. Because in a complex world, work is becoming ever more complex and requires software that connects global sales, international development teams and production sites around the world. The SAP vision of "Intelligent Enterprise" was to be staged with an interactive storytelling concept, in short: the SAP D2O closed end-to-end solutions explain new and existing customers in a way that everyone understands. This triggered a headache: How do you relate a story that has, as it were, abstract topics such as SAP-based planning processes as well as real manufacturing processes? And how do you transfer maximum process information with a minimum of text?
For a good story belongs first of all a hero - we found our Product Hero in a double seat valve, whose journey the visitor could accompany from the development to the commissioning by body movement and eye control. Around him, his D2O world was knitted: the SAP booth tells the story of the closed circuit - from Design 2 Operate to 2,000 sqm real - and 20 sqm virtual. The highlight exhibit has become a real crowd puller and has been optimized for reuse on more than 100 follow-up events. We wish the smart Valve a good trip!

Leistungen: Konzeption, Entwurf, Programmierung, Modelling, Ausführungs[-]planung, Bauleitung
Mit: MCI Deutschland (Beratung, Projektleitung)
Bildrechte: raumHOCH